DAMAC, President Donald Trump and Dubai

The Hussain Sajwani family is one that is well received by many as the creators and owners of DMAC Properties. Located in Dubai, it has an interesting history to explore. Many aren’t aware of the facts, so here is some history and more details about this family.




In 2002, the Hussain Sajwan projects began setting up the DAMAC Properties in Dubai. This was made possible by the Dubai authority, which allows people that are not native to Dubai, to be able build. These properties are now for sale.


For those that are not familiar with this man and his family. He was awarded with recognition for his contributions to the army during Operation Desert Storm. His family and business helped the USA in their time there. This caught the attention of Trump. Since, the two have created some interesting projects that began to be discussed at that time.




Probably their best creation yet to date for philanthropic creations is the charity for the poor children of the area. The concept is simple. If the poor are raised in poverty, they will become less than if they had an advantage. Their philanthropic work offers those children the opportunities that they need to become a success.


Relationship to Trump


This work, coupled with the original projects from 1991, came from the teachings of now president to the United States, Donald Trump, who has mentored the family in property development. There are several projects now in Dubai that President Trump helped create with Hussain Sajwani




DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani wanted to create a residential property like Trump Tower in the USA. He did so by creating DAMAC in Dubai as an ongoing project for the future. While it is already stunning, more projects are yet to come. Here are those properties.


– DAMAC Hills

– DAMAC Maison de Ville Hotels & Resorts

– International Golf Club Dubai


These are projects that have grown to become the best known properties in Dubai today. They offer all of the luxuries of the world, with the culture and decor of Dubai.

Check out the Damac owner on LinkedIn.

Tammy Mazzocco – Ohio Real Estate Agent

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