Dick DeVos’s Continued Success As A Leader In Business And His Community

Richard DeVos Jr., also known as Dick, is an American businessman from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Together with his wife, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, he is also an advocate for educational reform. He is the oldest son of Richard DeVos, a co-founder of the direct sales company Amway. Recently Crain’s Detroit Business profiled Dick’s achievements and the work he and his wife have to done to better the nation and their home community. Throughout his career, Dick has not only served as the President of Amway, but he’s also chaired numerous other organizations and founded his own holding company, The Windquest Group.


One of Dick’s greatest achievements is boosting the success of the Gerald R. Ford airport. Prior to his negotiating, the airport was considered one of the top five most expensive airports in the nation. Michigan businesswoman Birgit Klohs contacted him in 2008, asking for his help negotiating on behalf of a group of local businesses seeking to help turn the airport around. DeVos joined forces with his old friend and business partner Daniel Wiersma to head the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. DeVos made personal contact with the CEO of AirTran Airways, convincing them to pick up key routes from Grand Rapids to locations such as Orlando and Baltimore.


These routes helped bolster the appeal of the airport, and when Southwest later bought AirTran, the Alliance managed to convince them to continue investing. The airport now runs flights to a combination of 24 national and international destinations. Additionally, by adding the low-cost carrier Southwest, the airport fostered healthy competition with major carriers such as Delta Ai Lines. It drove ticket costs down for customers and increased traffic for all carriers. A licensed pilot himself, DeVos’s love of aviation has not only benefited the people of Grand Rapids, it also earned his recent appointment to a civilian oversight committee for the Federal Aviation Administration in September 2017. Known as the FAA Management Advisory Council, the group of 13 volunteers is responsible for advising the FAA on matters such as legislation and planning.


DeVos’s involvement in aviation also led to the creation of West Michigan Aviation, a charter school founded by Dick and his wife. The duo advocate for the creation of more choices for students and parents, and their school is a prime example of that vision. Their passion and success led to President Trump appointing Betsy to the position of U.S. Secretary of Education. The school operates out of the Grand Rapids airport, and is a tuition free public high school with a focus on aviation and related subjects such as engineering. The students of the charter school have been earning SAT scores higher than the state average. The diverse group of students come from all over the region, often with several hour commutes, just to take advantage of the unique educational experience the school provides. Learn more: https://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-01-10/michigan-charter-school-backed-by-devos-growing

George Soros – Talking About Free Market and The Capitalist Threat

George Soros is the man you cannot miss when talking about the political landscape of the United States. For decades, he has been funding various political movements and the Democrats through the massive wealth he has amassed over the years. George Soros is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and is considered to be one of the most successful hedge-funders of all times.

George Soros believes in the policies and reforms that are supported by Democrats, and it is for this reason, he supported Hillary Clinton in the last Presidential Campaign. George Soros spent over $30 million to fund the Presidential Campaign of Hillary Clinton and didn’t mind paying more if it was required. Even though he halted his political funding after the loss he suffered during the Bush and Obama Presidential Campaigns, he somehow opened all the flood gates for funding Hillary Clinton in the hope that Democratic reforms could be realized. Learn more about George at Biography.

George Soros was born in Hungary and is a Jewish, but after the Nazi took control of his country and planned the systematic execution of Jewish, the family of Soros left the country. He fled to London along with his family where he studied Economics at the London School of Economics. After completing his studies, he joined a merchant bank and worked there for a while before moving to the United States and try out his luck at the world’s richest financial district, the Wall Street. However, as his wealth continued to increase, so did his political influence and social stature. George Soros has witnessed the political landscape of the world change in front of his eyes, and it is for this reason he has his ideologies in place that he supports wholeheartedly.

Today, George Soros spends billions in charities each year and reaches out to millions of people across the globe through his charitable foundation, Open Society Foundation. It is considered to be one of the well-funded charitable organizations in the world. George Soros is witnessing that the American society is becoming intolerant and many cracks are coming in the social and cultural interface of the community. George Soros says that the racial disparity has been increasing and the justice bias against the minority and black people is on the rise. He believes that such problems need to be resolved, and can be fixed.

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George Soros says that the solution to the biggest problems in the world is to comprehensively fight against the regime that is intolerant and doesn’t let the free market thrive. George Soros says that while Nazis and Communist couldn’t succeed for long, it is now the Capitalist threat that the world needs to be careful about and fight together before it slyly takes over the world and makes us the slave of the system. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

End Citizens United – Helping Transform The Political System By Aiming To End Unaccounted Flow Of Money Into Elections

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed on March 1st, 2015, to fight and protest against the Supreme Court Judgement in the Citizens United Vs Federal Election Commission. The judgment of the Supreme Court in the case allowed the corporations and high net worth individuals to pump in an unlimited amount of money in the U.S. election. With large amounts of untraceable and unaccountable money being pumped to the federal elections, it makes it only natural for the elected government then to be inclined towards favoring the corporations that funded their elections. It encourages keeping the interest of general population at the bottom of the priority list, if at all.


End Citizens United is formed through the donations made by general public and is committed to overhauling the campaign finance system through consistent protest and supporting political leaders who have the same interest. The initiative is meant to show the strength of the general mass to the government, candidates, elected officials, and billionaires pumping the unprecedented amount of money in the elections that their activities are not going unnoticed. End Citizens United aims to pressurize the lawmakers to revisit the Supreme Court judgment and make necessary reforms to make money flowing into the elections from the corporations, billionaires, and private entities, accountable and transparent.


To achieve its objectives, End Citizens United would back the pro-reform candidates and raise the issue of campaign finance reform in the politics to spread the awareness and garner support for more people across the country. The political action committee aims to increase its member base nationally through the outreach program, which would help add weight to their initiative and pressurize lawmakers to end the corruption of money in the politics.


End Citizens United is gaining consistent support from the citizens and can raise substantial funds on its own lately. In the first quarter of 2017, End Citizens United raised more than $4 Million and aimed to push that figure to close to $35 million by the 2018 midterm election are held. In the last year same time during the midterm election, End Citizens United PAC collected around $25 million. It shows there is growing support for the mission started by the End Citizens United. Around 100,000 people made a donation to the group during the first quarter, out of which 40,000 were making a contribution to the PAC for the first time.


As per Tiffany Muller, the primary aim of the End Citizens United as of now is to support the candidates who are pro-campaign finance reform. The group recently urged its members and supporters to donate to the campaign of a first-time candidate, Democrat Jon Ossoff. Tiffany Muller firmly believes that it is high time the voice of the grassroots citizens and donors needs to be heard. It is not possible unless the rigged political system became transparent and straightened, which is only possible if the Supreme Court pulls back the judgment.


The Business and Charitable Activities of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the wife of former Amway CEO Dick DeVos. Along with her husband, Betsy has established herself as one of the most influential and generous people in the United States. During the course of her lifetime, she has been involved in a number of business and philanthropic activities. Betsy is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group as well as being a board member of Neurocare. As well as being involved in business, Betsy has also participated in a number of charitable activities in things such as education, the arts and also community development. Today, Betsy is also involved in politics as well. She is the current secretary of education under the presidential administration of Donald Trump. At this position, she hopes to make improvements in education for everyone in the United States.

While Betsy has been involved in a number of charitable activities, one of the most notable causes she has been active in is education. For years, Betsy has looked to reform the educational system in which parents can choose the school that their child attends. With this change, students will be in position to go to a school that appeals to them. Along with offering school choice, Betsy has been very vocal about the availability of school vouchers. With vouchers, parents will now have the money available to help send their children to private school. This will help them save on tuition. With these changes that Betsy has suggested, she believes that people will be in position to get a better quality education and be in better position to reach their life goals. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

Another charitable cause that Betsy has participated in has been in the arts. She currently contributes 11.6 million dollars per year to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. With her contributions, the organization is able to raise money for their various events. Along with providing funds for events, Betsy also gives money for professional development. The money she contributes helps give managers of the organization education and training in order to become better at what they do. The funds help give managers the training on how to raise more funds for the organization. As a result of her contributions, the arts center has been able to consistently meet its annual fundraising goals and maintaining quality events.

When it comes to her business career, Betsy Devos is the current chairwoman of the Windquest Group which she co founded in 1989. The company invests in clean energy, manufacturing and technology. With this company, Betsy and her husband Dick have been able to contribute to the improvement of these three important industries. Along with being the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, Betsy is also a chief investor and board member of Neurocare. This company specializes in treating brain disorders such as attention deficit disorder, depression and autism. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.


George Soros is a brave politician and philanthropist born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest Hungary. He ran away from his country to settle in Europe where he worked in both the formal and informal sectors to put himself through school at the London School of Economics.

He later relocated to New York’s Wall Street to start his career as a businessman. He established his hedge fund in 1969 which was subsequently known as the quantum fund using $12 million that he had. He used the profits to create another fund known as Soros Fund Management. Soros is a successful entrepreneur who has an interest in natural gas and uses his political influence to realize a gain on his investments as reported by Politico. Forbes revealed his net worth to be $25.2 billion as at February 2017.

George Soros is a philanthropist who does not shy away from supporting courses that are close to his heart in various countries. In 1984 for instance, he injected funds into the Open Society Foundation whose focus was to purchase printing machines for Universities, Libraries and civil society groups in Hungary to enable them reprint publications that were prohibited. The organization has spread to more than 100 countries around the world. Today, Soros is associated with close to 30 organizations which he finances to give them more power. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Soros is also known for being at the center stage of well-known revolutions such as helping Old Warsaw Pact and ex-USSR transition to democracy and open markets as opposed to the authoritarian rule. He also played a key role in overthrowing Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic in 2,000 and Ukraine’s fight for better leaders in 2004 and 2013-2014.Currently, he is channeling millions to support the Democrats in the United States and is also helping Black Lives Matter.

In Europe, he was involved in the transition from communism to capitalism in the early 1990s.He continues to voice his ideologies through the network of Open Society Foundations especially on matters revolving around Britain’s exit from the European Union. Soros is passionate about politics and fights against authoritarian rule, oppression, and dictatorship. He believes in a free economy and a free world.

Despite facing challenges and not always being on the winning side, George never tires from fighting for what he believes in. He has managed to remain relevant in what is considered to be a murky field. Indeed he is a force to reckon on. Politica has described him as a person who can make clear decisions in the wake of confusion, and other leaders should draw some lessons from him.

The world needs more people like George Soros who are willing to support meaningful courses and also help steer countries in the right direction without being intimidated. His personality is admirable, and one that politicians should emulate.

Read this story at Politico about George Soros.